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Vacation Home OWNERS?

Give us 7 nights of unrented, otherwise wasted time in your property at no charge… and here’s what we’ll give you.

EXPOSURE to our…

  • 40,000 guests & members
  • 80,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 95,000 annual rental requests
  • All future incoming members


  • Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000 Private Membership Club
  • over 227 resorts in great locations
  • Private million dollar vacation homes at %50 savings
  • Potentially free travel with our referral program

How Our Program Works

The main benefit we offer is added exposure to your property. You give us access to this one “unrented” week in your property at no charge, the date of which is totally at your discretion. We’re not asking for a week that you can easily rent yourself. In exchange, we feature your property to tens of thousands of vacationers on our websites and our own in-house advertising & marketing programs. If you have one, we’ll work closely with your existing property manager to add these “incremental” weeks to your bottom line for years to come, and all this with no cost, long term commitment or risks.

Our Goal for You

Is to add an extra week or so to your bottom line in additon to profiting from our one week. As you will see, we turn our otherwise wasted week into something of long-term value.



The rental environment is more competitive than ever. With the economy improving, more vacation homes are being built. This means more optionsĀ for the renter. Add in VRBO, Homeaway, and now AirBnB and there are more choices than ever before. This makesĀ it more difficult for your home to even be noticed, much less chosen. Property owners need as much exposure to their target market as possible, and when you can accomplish this at virtually no cost, it only makes sense.